Back at it again how's it going, how's it living. Amina, Samrah, and Zain are back with another episode. This week ranges from us talking about overly...View Details

In one of our longest episodes ever, Amina, Samrah, and Zain breakdown Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, a 1994 superhit that stars Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan. ...View Details

Yes, you're reading this right! Qasim decided to grace his presence and joins Amina and Zain this week to talk about going through college, @alipoems ...View Details

We got another Bollywood Breakdown for y'all! Get that chai ready and listen to Amina, Samrah, and Zain breakdown Pardes, a 1997 hit that stars our fa...View Details

Before you burn your hand cleaning that spilled chai, grab your phone, start up this week's episode, and listen to us talk about last week's Bollywood...View Details

On this special episode of a new series we like to call Bollywood Breakdown, boogie on down with Amina, Zain, and Samrah as they break down the hit 20...View Details

Episode 40 - Pure Protein

On this special weekend episode, sit down with us and hear Amina, Samrah, Zain talk about their memories from past Ramadans, fasting, hole in the wall...View Details

Get your bug spray can ready and join Amina and Zain this week as they talk about the Avengers (spolier free!), being ghosted, Main Hoon Na being a cl...View Details

Well this week wasn't the best way to start off as technical issues muddled the whole celebration but don't worry! This short episode is filled with g...View Details

For this pretty average week, we'd suggest brightening it up with Amina and Zain this week as they talk about belly button lint, texting in theaters, ...View Details

Are you stuck in traffic? Stuck in a train? Use that time and listen to Amina and Zain this week as they talk about hellish commutes, being too brown,...View Details

Under pain and agony, Amina marches on with Zain as they get into Zain's movie week, killing cockroaches, eating our words, finding money in the banan...View Details

Get ready to cackle along with Amina and Zain as they get into the Miami life, people actually watching TV these days, big brother knowing all, Amina'...View Details

Join the FOB & Friends cause and join Amina and Zain this week as they get a bit heavy and talk about justifying subscription costs, charity bowl-...View Details

Wishing everyone a fabulous day, join Amina and Zain this week as they talk about movies, the Oscars, glits, glamore, and so much more!     Subscribe ...View Details

With Samrah not here this week, Amina and Zain sit down and have a chat about computer chairs, a quick spoiler free review of Three Three Billboards O...View Details

Episode 30 - Hit or Chit?

After a little bit of early spring cleaning, we are officially back at it again doing our thing. Come on through and join us as we talk about photo ho...View Details

Put your tin foil hats on and join us as we talk about still being sick, space talk followed by crazy space theories, makeup, and much more!     Subsc...View Details

Episode 28 - I Do But…

Sorry y'all for the couple thousand coughs scattered around this episode but from a safe distance away from us so you don't get sick, join us as we ta...View Details

We're hot, angry, and all stuffed up this week as we discuss expectations vs. reality, dongles, Disney eating our money for breakfast, and much more! ...View Details

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