Christmas Cheer (Ep. 83)

The holiday season is just about to be over during this crazy year but before you start packing up the decorations, gather around and listen to Zain a...View Details

Did you ever want to know how creepy Amina and Zain truly are? Well this episode reveals the darkest portions of their inner conscious. All this and s...View Details

It's October and your resident fobs want to start off this spooky month with a very special guest Julie. Her encounter with the spooks and paranormal ...View Details

Episode 80 - LaCroaks

Let's take a sip of the bubbly and hang out with your best pals Amina and Zain (...and later Samrah) as they chatter about hikes, fancy techy water bo...View Details

Sit down and follow along with Zain and Amina as they start off this week's episode giving thanks to the listeners but later, Samrah barges in and it ...View Details

On this episode, surprise surprise we talk what's on everyone's mind these days. Join Amina, Samrah, and Zain as they talk more about the quarantine l...View Details

On this week's quarantined episode, the whole gang (Amina, Samrah, and Zain) finally record together. We discuss viruses, funny headlines from the mon...View Details

Episode 76 - Mr. Roberts

On this week's episode, Amina and Zain go over some personal and insightful questions about themselves. Oh and a lot of movie talk too especially the ...View Details

Episode 75 - AITA

On this week's episode, Amina and Zain question the judgement of people in a little game.       Subscribe on iTunes, Podbean, Google Play, Spotify, St...View Details

Episode 74 - McGee and Me

We get our buzzers all charged up for an episode of two truths and a lie, Disney+ themed.       Subscribe on iTunes, Podbean, Google Play, Spotify, St...View Details

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