With all this Game of Thrones hype, we decided to do our own GOT-themed podcast and discuss, WITH FULL SPOILERS SO WARNING, the first two episodes of ...View Details

In the limited time we had tonight, we were able to jam pack a 31 min podcast with stuff like Putt Putt, movie talk, a touch of subtle racism, and muc...View Details

Start this morning off right by joining Amina, Samrah, and Zain this week as they talk about side doors, convincing NBC to do the right thing, who is ...View Details

We get things moving this episode as Samrah, Amina, and Zain discuss dirty vegetables, dirty borders, dirty moves, and much more!     Subscribe on ...View Details

Episode 59 - DSM

With that chai pot boiling, join Amina, Zain, and Samrah as they talk about Ted Bundy, zoom zoom zoom, lots and lots of chai talk, and much more!   ...View Details

Samrah, Amina and Zain unite for the first time in 2019! Join these infected members of society as they talk about Christmas 2018, the movie Zero by S...View Details

This week (with no Samrah unfortunately), Amina and Zain share their raw opinions and commentary on some of the big news and topics from the last coup...View Details

Episode 56 - I Haven’t

Samrah is busy this episode so Amina and Zain take it back to the two-man show again. Join them this week as they let you guys take a peek behind the ...View Details

It's (the day after) Halloween 2018 yet to Amina, Samrah, and Zain it's Halloween every day. Join us as we talk about the new Halloween movie, cowboy ...View Details

Join Amina, Samrah, and Zain as they talk about their favorite haunted trails over the past few years.     Subscribe on iTunes, Podbean, Google Play...View Details

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